Claim Compensation for Negligence

If you have had an accident because of another person or organisation’s negligence, it may be the case that you are entitled to compensation. You should speak to a solicitor about your specific case and they will be able to determine exactly how much compensation you are entitled to.

You can also use the internet to calculate an estimate, but these services are not as accurate as a solicitor’s verdict would be.

Professional negligence is a serious offence in the law, especially in the medical profession, as negligent behaviour could result in a patient’s death.

Every professional body has a duty of care towards their client or patient. If this duty is breached, and you can prove this in court through a contract that states that they owe you a duty of care which they failed to provide, you are likely to receive compensation.

What is Negligence?

Negligence is when a person has a duty of care and they do not abide by it. For example, a medical person such as a surgeon has a serious duty of care when operating on patients. If this duty of care is breached, they must answer to the law.

Negligence exists in many professional industries, such as accounting, engineering, medical and legal. There are solicitors who specialise in negligence law and will take the time to understand your particular needs when fighting for your right to compensation.

To calculate how much compensation you are owed there are various online sources which enable you to estimate a total amount of money you are likely to receive. Alternatively, you could take your query to a negligence solicitor who will evaluate your case.

It is advisable, that if your case is of a serious nature you should seek a solicitor who will be able to provide you with a personal and professional service.

In addition to the different types of professional negligence, it is also possible to gain compensation for criminal negligence. For example, a mother wishes to claim compensation because her son was killed in a car accident.

Criminal Negligence

If the person driving was intoxicated, the claim could be won on the grounds that they demonstrated criminal negligence. A case such as this entitles the deceased’s relatives to claim considerable compensation.

The government organisation the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) provides a system whereby compensation claims are dealt with and money is allocated to people who have been affected by criminal injuries.

Medical Negligence

If you want to make a medical negligence claim for compensation, you should contact a solicitor who specialises in this area of law. The amount of compensation you receive will depend entirely on the level of negligence of the medical person and the severity of damage suffered because of their negligence.

Reasons for a medical negligence claim range from a doctor concluding a false diagnosis to failing to provide the correct prescription and from misconduct in patient/doctor relationship to failing to conduct an operation to the proper standard.

It is often difficult to ascertain exactly how much compensation you are likely to receive. Most websites that offer this ‘compensation calculator’ warn that compensation sums vary from case to case depending on the specific circumstances of your particular issue.

Why Hire a Solicitor?

It is wise to contact a solicitor in order to gain a clearer picture of how much you are likely to receive if you make a claim. In finding a solicitor who is experienced in winning negligence cases, you will also benefit from the range of services they provide.

For example, a specialist solicitor will give expert legal advice and also offer to negotiate with the person or organisation responsible, and if the negligent party has also hired a solicitor, they will be more than happy to negotiate with the opposing party’s solicitor.

In hiring a solicitor you strengthen your case and increase your chances of winning compensation. You will benefit from their legal background and it is important that you do not deal with a claim on your own as it can be a stressful time, depending on the nature of your case.